Simply superlative – this is Bolivia. It’s the hemisphere’s highest, most isolated and most rugged nation. It’s among the earth’s coldest, warmest, windiest and steamiest spots.
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South America

Bolivia is an otherworldly country that brushes the sky. One of its capitals, La Paz, is nestled on a plateau at 11,800 feet. Several of the country’s peaks top 20,000 feet, and sacred Lake Titicaca lies at 12,580 feet. At this altitude, the night sky seems to shine with renewed brilliance. But beyond the stark, stunning highlands of the Altiplano, the landscape slopes downward to the dense rainforests, river basins and savannahs of the Oriente.

This is a place of ancient cultures and great civilizations, many of which have faded into the world of legend. It is the land of the Kallawayas, the medicine men still revered by the indigenous communities of the highlands. It is the home of the Aymara, a culture with a calendar stretching back 5,510 years. And, according to legend, it is the birthplace of the Incas. Traditions states that Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo arose from Lake Titicaca to become the founders of Tawantinsuyo—the Inca Empire.

Still undiscovered by the masses, Bolivia is like the precious ore hidden beneath its soil. Our clients return with tales of kind people and un-extorted beauty: glacier-crowned peaks, jungle trails, stark highlands and the gleaming salt desert of Uyuni. Let us help you uncover the richness of this captivating land.