Sprawling across half of South America, Brazil has captivated travelers for at least 500 years. Powdery white-sand beaches, lined with palm trees and fronting a deep blue Atlantic, stretch for more than 7000km. Here are some possible DESTINATIONS




South America

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world and the largest country in Latin America; at over five million square miles, it is larger than the continental United States and only slightly smaller than Canada.

The country’s verdant heartland, the Amazon River basin, covers 2.7 million square miles. It is home to millions of species, including manatees and pink dolphins. Brazil’s Atlantic coast stretches for more than four thousand miles, and includes some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and islands. Some of the best are found in Bahia, in the vibrant northeast. The southern interior is the location of the Pantanal, the world’s largest savannah. During the dry season (April to September) a wide variety of fauna gather at the Pantanal’s waterholes, rewarding the wildlife watchers who frequent this region. The south is also the location of legendary Rio de Janeiro and spectacular Iguaçu Falls.